Experience the island of Kalokairi with this Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is one of the most popular musicals of all time, mainly thanks to the soundtrack which is comprised of famous songs by the legendary band ABBA. The show however really took off in popularity once the movie of the same name starring Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan and Colin Firth. The movie really brought the play to life and it introduced people to the island of Kalokairi. What you may not know, is that although the island itself isn’t real (Kalokairi means summer in Greek), the film’s locations are very real and you can visit them!

Mamma mia the movie was mostly shot on the island of Skopelos in Greece. It goes without saying that you can easily visit the island and the locations that were used during the filming of the movie, including the iconic wedding chapel. So, how can you get to Skopelos and which places there should you visit if you are a Mama Mia fan? Let’s find out!

Getting to Skopelos

Well, before you start visiting the locations you need to get to Skopelos aka Kalokairi island. Thankfully, getting there is rather easy. First of all, the island has an international airport, which means that if there are flights available from your country, you can fly there directly. If you would like to combine your visit to Skopelos with a trip to Greece, you can get to Skopelos either by plane from the country’s two biggest airports (in Athens and Thessaloniki) or by boat from the port of Volos, which is three hours away from Athens and Thessaloniki, the country’s biggest cities.

Once you get to Skopelos, getting to the filming locations is rather easy since there are daily trips and tours organized by travel agencies on the island’s main town. But which places should you not miss out on?

The chapel

Like we said earlier, the chapel were the wedding scene during the film’s climax took place is very real and it is exactly as it was featured in the movie. Neither the landscape nor the chapel itself were touched up in any way with CGI or other techniques. It really is that beautiful and picturesque.

The chapel is known as Agios Ioannis, which is Greek for Saint John and you can get there by joining any Mama Mia tour on the island, since this is the first stop on their itinerary. What you should know before visiting, is the fact that getting to the chapel itself isn’t that easy since you have to climb 199 steps carved on a steep cliff face. Needless to say that people with an acute fear of heights might have trouble getting to the top of the rock and the chapel itself.

Meryl Streep’s beach

Although the house where Mery Streep’s character was living in the movie is not located on Skopelos, the beach with the small pier where many of the film’s musical numbers took place, is real and it can be found in Kastani beach. This is usually the second stop of most Mama Mia tours and itineraries. The beach is gorgeous and its waters are as clear as they were in the film. There is also a beach bar for you to relax in between your swims.

Eat at Agnontas

Finally the other major location that you should visit is Agnontas. While no major scenes were shot there, it is where the actors would enjoy their lunches and relax after a hard day of filming. There are many taverns there serving delicious traditional Greek dishes and extremely fresh sea food. It’s the perfect place to enjoy the world-famous Greek cuisine.

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